Infrastructure upgrade for database nodes

Infrastructure upgrade for database nodes, scheduled 6 months ago

⚒️ Planned maintenance

We want to make you aware that starting with Tue (2/1) at 03:00 AM CST up until Friday (2/4) at 12:00 PM CST there will be a scheduled maintenance due to adding more capacity to our infrastructure and speed up our overall service.

No downtime will be required but our Ezlo customers might notice slow connectivity, timeouts in using the cloud services such as web interfaces, mobile apps and delayed alerts delivery.

⏳ Start ?

Tuesday, February 1

CST ➡ 03:00 AM

PST ➡ 01:00 AM

UTC ➡ 09:00 AM

EET ➡ 11:00 AM

⌛ End ?

Friday, February 4

CST ➡ 12:00 PM

PST ➡ 10:00 AM

UTC ➡ 06:00 PM

EET ➡ 08:00 PM

Incident url:

Our apologies for any inconvenience this brief degradation in performance may cause.

As always, should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at


Network Operations Team ▾ ▾ +1 (866) 966-2272